Are you flexible on the start date (I often have waitlists for large projects)

Deadline/end date; is it a strict deadline or one with more flexibility?

Approx how many graphics/ pages/ slides/etc

Dimensions or measurements
if this is a print project

What you need to know before submitting your request for more info.

Are you flexible on the start date?

What is the deadline & is it flexible?

Approx how many pages/slides/etc?

Dimensions or measurements if this a print project




Thank you!!! That's all I need for now. If you think of anything else you can email me at 

Anything else you want me to know? Any questions?

Do you need the main elements of this project editable (made in Canva) or do you only need the final product provided (PDF etc)?

If you know, please provide how many pages/slides/etc for this project and if it is a print project the approximate dimensions:

If you said custom illustrations, approximately how many are needed? Do you have a budget you would like to stick to for custom illustrations?

If you said stock photos & illustrations, are you looking for free images only, or do you have a budget for purchasing stock photos if needed? If you have a budget in mind for stock photography, please share that as well:

For graphics or images will you be providing them, or will you need stock photos, illustrations, or custom illustrations?

Describe your project(s) in detail (including if this is a print or digital only project) and what you are looking for:

What is your deadline for this project? Is it a hard deadline (ie launch) or a flexible deadline?

What is your desired start date for this project? Are you flexible on this date?

Do you have existing branding (logo, fonts, colors) to use for this project? If not, please keep in mind that branding for your business is NOT included. A custom Brand Kit In-A-Box (at a minimum) or custom Offer Branding Graphic may need to be purchased first.

Project Type (slides, workbook, social media kit, website, sales page, etc):*

Instagram Handle:

Website Address:

How did you hear about me:

Business Name:*



I would love to work with you! My availability for custom projects is extremely limited unless you are a Graphic Designer in Your Pocket Member. I don't offer discovery calls at this time, but if you need guidance and want to discuss where to start, you can pay for a strategy call here. Otherwise, this form will give me the information I need to provide an accurate quote and to help ensure the timelines are a match for the both of us.

The following questions will help me find out what exactly you are looking for. Once I receive your responses, I will get back to you via email within 1-2 business days.

Hi, gorgeous! Thanks SO much for your interest.

Thank-you so much for your questionnaire! I can't wait to go over it.