This FREE tool kit contains a color palette builder, visual brand template, & a FREE masterclass where you'll learn how to resurrect (or create) your own visual brand, and an accompanying workbook!

This jam-packed mini course will help you get your visual brand up and out there.



Visual brand templates that are show-stopping gorgeous, easy to use, & time saving AF... & customized just for you! Perfect for brand new businesses or those in need of a quick, simple, no fuss rebrand.


So you bought your brand kit... but now you realize that you have NO desire to figure out how to customize the dang thing yourself. Or maybe you just don't have time. Or you really just want a pro brand designer (like moi!) to take this on for you. Whatever the reason, I got you!

All you need to do is purchase this option and fill out a short questionnaire. Once we receive the answers, you will receive your customized brand kit within 5 business days! This design service starts at $149 USD, with the option to add on a IG Template Restyle as well.



More custom than a brand kit restyle, but not a lengthy, in depth, detailed visual brand either. Perfect for the brand new biz who wants to start out strong with their brand, or those in need of a rebrand on a budget.


Visual branding can be SO overwhelming. When you're first getting started, branding is just one more task in a HUGE list of big tasks to get your business up and running. 

This done for you service is for you if your business is brand new, or maybe you have been doing this a while and are in need of a refresh and/or desperately require some brand consistency. If all you really want is someone to make you a quick, simple (yet gorgeous--obvi) logo, a pretty color palette, pull it all together with some custom elements and backgrounds to get you started (without spending thousands of dollars)... then look no further! Hello Custom Visual Brand Kit service was created with exactly you in mind. This design service starts at $499 USD. Want this but with IG Templates too? Reach out via Instagram & we can create you a custom package. 



This is the Mac Daddy of brand design. The BIG ONE. The poop your pants investment. This CAN be for any level of business, but is *usually* best suited for biz owners who have already "tried on" branding.


This type of service will give you a visual brand that will last for the long haul, while still leaving room to evolve with you as your business grows. It includes 1 brand discovery call, 3-5 brand identity coaching calls (each client is different), 1 visual brand implementation call, and then of course your hollllyyy-efffffing-yummmm fully custom visual brand. This varies for each clients needs but usually looks like:

  • A custom color palette (of course) with coordinating Pantone colors (if required)
  • Custom hand illustrated/stylized logos (various layouts and versions)
  • Submarks, favicons (browser tab icons), & signatures
  • Custom brand patterns & backgrounds
  • Assistance styling & planning a brand photoshoot (including choosing the perfect photographer) to represent your new badass brand 
  • Fully custom social media templates made especially for your business 
  • A custom mini website or link in bio page with an offer vault page (domain & hosting separate cost) 
  • A branded sales page template (Kajabi, Showit or ThriveCart)
  • Slide & workbook/lead magnet templates branded to your business
  • Brand kit fully set up in Canva for you to easily access, as well as detailed Brand Guide with everything you need to use your gorgeous new brand
  • 1 6 month brand check up where I give you up to 2 hours of design time to make any tweaks or adjustments to your branding package to ensure itโ€™s still the perfect fit

Investment ranges from $2,999 USD to $5,999 USD depending on what your dream brand looks like for you. If you are serious about exploring this option, DM me on IG to set up a discovery call for us to make sure we're on the same page and that we jive like PB&J (cuz girlfriend, we will be spending A LOT of time together). Spots are extremely limited and book several weeks (sometimes months!) out, so make sure you snag a spot sooner than later.

This your top tier branding option which I call The Ultimate Branding Experience. It is so much more than a custom logo and pretty color palette, it really is a full business branding service with actual brand coaching to help you identify how your business stands FAR out from the crowd, while also creating you a high-end, creme-de-la-creme visual brand with graphic design pieces that cover everything you need... in the most badass way evahhhh.

I recommend this service mostly for businesses who have had (or toyed with) a visual brand (even temporary/starter branding) for a while already, and know they are ready to fully re-brand and make the big leap to take their brand up several levels. There are always exceptions of course! This experience takes 3 months from start to finish, and it involves a deep dive into your business to fully develop your brand identity first so that I can work my literal magic ๐Ÿช„ and create the most aligned, out-of-this-world, wet your pants brand for you. 


Learn how to DIY your own visual brand & elevate all the graphic design projects for your biz. Perfect for all stages of business (from brand new out of the wrapper to seasoned guru), VAs, OBMs & graphic designers.



To START uncovering your brand personality & create a hollllly-yummmm visual brand while also levelling up ALL the graphic design skills you need to create a magnetic & profitable AF online business.

And STOP confusing your audience with your lack of consistent visual branding that wears away at their trust and is leaving you in a huge income dip that you can't seem to get out of no matter what fun new social media template pack you try next. 

This program has 9 self-paced modules-- that are busting at the seams-- and that will not only revolutionize your brand while skyrocketing your business growth, social media following, and income... but induce a literal designgasm in all that encounter your brand, leaving your dreamiest, most aligned clients weak in the knees. Includes lifetime access & live support to coach you through & give feedback.


It's my literal passion to help you take your kick-ass course or online offer and turn it into something that is stunning AF, oozes your brand and what you stand for, AND infuses personality into the offer so that your ideal clients are peeing their pants at the chance to join before you even properly launch

Whether you need a full-out visual brand design for your business (including logo, colors, fonts, social media assets and SO much more), some gorgeous templates to DIY or someone to take the reins and create all of your visuals and offer elements for you, I got you! 

As for who I am? I have 20+ years experience in graphic, web, & visual brand design (Visual Communication & Design degree),  and 10+ years under my belt as a professional photographer. I'm a proud mama to one incredible 12-year-old boy. I'm happily married to my soulmate of almost 20 years. I have a zoo-ful of pets. I'm a weirdo that embraces her inner nerd and ADHD super powers. I live with chronic migraines/ pain but show up larger than life ANYWAYS. Nice to meet you! ๐Ÿค—

I'm Katie, and my zone of genius is taking your brand from ho-hum to hollllyyy-yummm.


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It's like you know exactly how to enhance client experience. You have a unique talent in knowing what ideal clients groups would drool over balanced with what WE as entrepreneurs desire as branding and experience for ourselves! I have spent thousands on branding. And you are a thousand times more talented.

Jocelyne Pare


Katie, I barely give you anything to work with and you always blow me away! It's like you know me better than I know myself which is why I will evolve and grow with you ๐Ÿ˜

Kait Santerre


Let's get real hereโ€ฆ I just spent the last 4 hrs trying to figure out how to add a GIPHY in and personalize my landing page. Then you come to the rescue with this template & tutorial & boom - a perfect landing page in under 20 minutes. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ For $197 you have saved me more hours I would have wasted trying to figure this out on YouTube and l've only used one template so far. Totally mind blown ๐Ÿคฏ I'm done with trying to be a one man tech dept and saying hell yes to all your back end tools in my tool kit!

Kelsey Bulmer


Katie! I cannot thank you enough! This is absolutely beautiful! I knew my offer graphic kit was going to be perfect and stunning, but I just could not have imagined THIS and the feelings it created for me!!! So beautiful!

Stephanie Thomas


You're just so phenomenal at this! I'm so grateful that I have you and you get me. And like even before I made the investment I was like "oh do I really need this, like I can just make my own logo..." and now I'm like oooh my god I could've never ever created anything close to this like not even 1% of this could I have done on my own. You just continue to blow all my expectations out of the water. ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

Kelsey Wonderlin


Katie is the design partner you didn't know you needed. Instead of spending a ton of hours struggling to create something that "gets you" only for it to still look generic is disappointing. I've worked with designers before and Katie is by farthe best I've worked with. She is a perfectionist and a creativesomething that is hard to come by. She can take your vision anddevelop something you never thought of but is just what you were looking for. On top of it, she's fun to work with and cares about your results. Her customer service and quality are top notch. She is my go-to for design and template needs!

Melissa Lawrence